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Pay Per View is a service which charges viewers a fee for viewing special programs and events

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How It Works

973films sets up a protected page where the video / live stream will be shown.

Initially, the only thing the customer sees is the Paypal payment button displaying the price of admission.

When the customer clicks the buy now button, they are taken to the Paypal website and given the option of paying with either a credit card or to sign into Paypal and pay with their Paypal account. When the payment is processed, they are redirected back to the website and given Access to the protected page where the video/live stream is being shown.

 Can I Use 973films To Handle My Payperview.

Yes we can handle all live stream and pay per view logistics for you.

973films can live stream broadcast your event on our website and charge your customers the price you determine to view your event..

A webpage will be set up for your customers to view your event.  example    you will be given Restricted access privileges  to the Paypal account that is accepting payments for your event, so that you may track all sales being made.

 How Much Does It Cost for 973films to live stream my venue and set up pay per view  to monetize our live stream.

Call for pricing. there are a few things about the venue we need to know before we can quote you a price..

How Soon Will I Get My Pay Per View Money After The Event Is Over.

We don’t hold on to your money like these other companies do.. After all contracted fees  are paid your money is transferred to your Paypal account or  bank account.

 How Can I Get A Website Like This? I Live Stream My Own Events. Can You Teach Me How To Set Up Pay Per View On My Own Site?

Yes we can set up a website for you with a Paypal  pay per view plugin. Like This one.

We will set up your account and domain name through and turn over the account to you with everything all setup.

we will set up a web video conference for one on one instructions on how to get started. The Websites are really easy to edit, and add things to.

There are many approaches to live stream pay per view. Some more sophisticated and state of the art, some more crude. These are our approaches.

We generally try to keep all the approaches to live stream pay per view simple to understand, and for the everyday person with basic technological understanding.


Click On Photo To Test The Pay Per View Functionppv




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