Offers Classes In Live Streaming In HD Without A Computer

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encoder3 Offers Classes In Live Streaming In HD Without A Computer

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encoder3  teaches classes on live streaming at their studios in NJ and also online courses for out of towners.

Master the use of the “Live Stream Encoder” in the 1 day course of The USALIVESTREM.COM live stream academy.

        No Computer is Required ~  Compatible With Almost Every HD Camera ~  Live Stream In Crystal Clear 1080p

      Connects To Internet Wireless Signal & Wired  ~  ~ Portability Allows You To Connect To Cellular Hotspot For Live Streaming  In Remote Locations

             ~Live stream to all the major platforms and White Label

Live Streaming is generally used for broadcasting events worldwide to people, families and customers who can’t be there in person. These events include weddings / receptions, sweet 16s, corporate presentations, local sports, academic lectures, parties, talk shows, ministry, funerals, and most any industry.

USALIVESTREAM realizes that there are many individuals who want to learn how to live stream in the simplest way possible without having to learn all the technical infrastructure stuff, as well as individuals and institutions  who want to learn the full setup and everything there is  to know. That’s why they developed courses to suit your needs (on campus & online) 







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